On Saturday, March 16, 2019, the City of Fair Oaks Ranch will host a household hazardous waste collection event for all residents of the city.  The types of waste accepted include used oil, paint, pesticides, and cleaning chemicals, just to name a few.  See the link to the flyer below, courtesy of the City of Fair Oaks Ranch, to view all the important details.

Why is this type of event so important?  First, it encourages proper disposal of waste and keeps our property clean by avoiding backyard dumping of these wastes.  Additionally, and most importantly, it keeps our drinking water sources clean and unpolluted from spills and releases.  Many of us living in the Texas Hill Country area rely on private wells and aquifer sources for our water.  Even a small spill of a chemical or waste product can filter through the Hill Country’s porous limestone subsurface to infiltrate a well or aquifer.  With many of these hazardous chemicals, it only takes a minute amount to render the groundwater non potable and unsafe for use.  Lastly, disposing of household hazardous waste properly maintains the value of your home.  A spill can permanently damage your property and/or water source and decrease the value of the property and any home on which it stands.  Maintaining your property and keeping it clean and tidy by disposing of waste properly can help you increase your property values and can keep your home looking its best!

Fair Oaks HHWC Flyer